Children will be given the utmost care and individual attention where good relationships with regular staff can develop. All children are encouraged to co-operate in small groups so that social skills, personal relationships, and confidence can be developed.

SKIPS is a place where children will have friendship and fun, where they will be involved with discovery, and creative and imaginative play, both of a structural and open-ended nature. Children will have opportunities for free play enabling them to make their own decisions and develop independence.

From the earliest age children will be encouraged to explore and investigate a wide range of opportunities using a variety of toys, materials and media. Children are also given the opportunity to play with everyday household items following the Curiosity Approach. We are delighted if parents contribute to our collections.

Activities will vary according to individual needs and those of the age group and will cover many aspects of learning. Activities on offer include sand, play dough, water play, cooking, creative work using paint and a variety of materials. There are also role play areas. Staff are encouraged to allow children to lead their learning.

All children have the opportunity for fresh air and outdoor play in our large garden area.

Children may be taken on purposeful outings which are often used as a stimulant for learning about the local area or our topics.

A routine and a weekly plan of activities are displayed in the room, and each child has an individual record of their learning and development.